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[March 7th, 2010
@ 3:07am]
I am super! drunk. I'm also, addicted to tegan and sara. I cannot listen to enough of them. I have not been updating my journal because I have been experiencing a portion of life I do not ever want to read about. I am seriously pure corruption.. I am so.... So absolutely hedonistic. It's so nice and so bitter. GAAAAHHHH!!!!! LIFE LIFE LIFE LIVE PROSPER GAAHHHHH!!!! Freedom to live, succeed, and more importantly, fail. (: fuck me.
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! [December 12th, 2008
@ 4:34pm]
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nightmarezzzZzz [April 15th, 2008
@ 4:09am]
I am yet again plagued by nightmares. Any suggestions?
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[January 1st, 2008
@ 9:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So let your hips do the talking. I really like dancing. I have been drinking a lot lately. And I mean a lot.. of hard alcohol. I've never had so much fun drinking. No impurities like when I drink beer. Like an impure delusional drunken stupor. I think yesterday was the best day of my life. Well this morning I guess technically. I was up until nine a.m. So is it still considered yesterday when you haven't gone to sleep yet? I love it when boys sing, even if they suck. I like the game Rock Band because I get to hear them sing and they really try. Other than that I suck at that game so.. I didn't sing because I have a laughing problem and I've been typing for years and still look at the keyboard so learning those five buttons is impossible. Haha not really but you know. Or maybe you don't. Hot tubs are very pleasant in cold weather. I wonder what I'll do until Friday..

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[October 14th, 2007
@ 4:27am]
I want to watch Weeds with Julie right now.
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Only comment if you amaze me. [November 29th, 2004
@ 6:19pm]
Natali's livejournal is private because it's all emo and gay and stuff, yeah.
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